Learning Guides

The following are the downloadable pdf files for the learning guides in sets, measurement, integers, rational numbers and real numbers. You can download them for your use.

Learning Guides for Grade 7 First Quarter
LG on Introduction to Sets
LG on Complement of a Set
LG on Union & Intersection of Sets
LG on Problems Involving Sets
LG on Addition of Integers
LG on Subtraction of Integers
LG on Multiplication of Integers
LG on Properties of the Operations on Integers
LG on Rational Numbers in the Number Line
LG on Forms of Rational Numbers and Addition and Subtraction of Rational Numbers
LG on Multiplication and Division of Rational Numbers
LG on Properties of the Operations on Rational Numbers
LG on Principal Roots and Irrationals Numbers
LG on the Absolute Value of a Number
LG on Subsets of Real Numbers
LG on Significant Digits & Scientific Notation
LG on More Problems Involving real numbers
7 Math LM_Mod1

Learning Guides for Grade 7 Second Quarter
LG on Measurement & Measuring Length
LG on Angles, Time and Temperature
LG on Measuring Weight and Volume
LG on Constants, Variables & Algebraic Expressions
LG on Verbal Phrases & Mathematical Phrases
LG on Polynomials
LG on Laws of Exponents
LG on Addition & Subtraction of Polynomials
LG on Multiplying Polynomials
LG on Dividing Polynomials
LG on Special Products
7 Math LM_Mod2
7 Math LM_Mod3

Learning Guides for Grade 7 Third Quarter
Math Grade 7 Learner’s Materials
7 Math LM_Mod4

Learning Guide for Grade 7 Fourth Quarter
7 Math LM_Mod5(1)

Learners Guides for Grade 8 Mathematics
8 Math_LM U1M1
8 Math_LM U1M2
8 Math_LM U2M3
8 Math_LM U2M4
8 Math_LM U2M5
8 Math_LM U3M6
8 Math_LM U3M7
8 Math_LM U3M8
8 Math_LM U3M9
8 Math_LM U4M10
8 Math_LM U4M11


3 responses to “Learning Guides

  1. Sir thank you for uploading the 3rd quarter learning material…but i would like to clarify that during the training the third quarter topic in math is geometry why is it that the learning guide were about algebra as the continuation.Infact during the training it was stated that the first qaurter is about number sense,sets, 2nd quarter measurements ,algebraic expression, 3rd quarter about geometry and 4rt quarter statistics.

    thank you.

    • Erma, in doing your daily lesson plan/log, always use the prescribed curriculum guide in math. I will upload some learning resource materials for Grade 7 third and fourth quarters for your reference. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

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